Tomorrowland’s bridge of messages

While live streaming, dvds, tablets and videoing are becoming more and more popular at concerts and festivals, we all know that there is nothing like BEING THERE, in the middle of the crowd, sharing a true experience with fellow fans and friends, holding your breathe and just enjoying the moment.

Obviously to keep a memory of it , festival organisers and related businesses have been populating venues and parks with merchandising stalls, producing all sort of gadgets to take home with you as a proof of “having been there” – from T-shirts, to bandanas, to bottle openers to umbrellas.

Well, Tomorrowland has taken this to a completely new level this year. Tomorrowland is the Belgian massive Electronic music festival, held near the city of Boom since 2005 – it has massively grew in the years, hitting the 185,000 people last year and winning the Best Major European Festival award at the Europe Festival awards in 2o12.

In association with Arne Quinze, a massive art installation will be built in the hearth of Tomorroland’s site. Anyone can send love messages, drawings and thoughts that will be laser encarved onto the wood used to create the art piece. The project is called “One world” and the aim is to “proclaim the positive message to unite”. You can find more info on the project and how to submit your message here.

So if you are aiming for a memory that will really last and won’t be your average line-up branded T-shirt, this Tomorrowland’s initiative seems ideal!




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