Top 10 festival fashion must haves for 2013

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The festival season is fast approaching and this means the summer wardrobe can come out to play. Whether you want to recycle your wardrobe from last year or pick up some new purchases this summer, Peppermint Bars and Event have some festival fashion tips to help you prepare for the festival season.

Dressing and packing for a festival is no easy task, it’s not as simple as you first anticipated – just pack a few T’s and you will be sorted. There’s a bit more thinking involved. You won’t have a full length mirror, washing machine and even though it’s the so called ‘summer’, it’s the British summer which means we cannot rely on the sun, so it does mean catering for all weathers.

Top 10 festival ‘must’ haves this festival season…

1. At number one are the classic festival item; Denim Shorts. You cannot go to a festival without seeing a pair of denim shorts floating around, on both males and females. It does seem that the trending look this season for both sexes are shorter shorts. Females are going for hot pants and males are sporting shorts above the knee. We are not suggesting that this look is for everyone – but all in all you can’t go wrong by rocking out a pair of denim shorts. Check out Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and ASOS for some quirky demin shorts. Instead of a pair of short why not go for a demin playsuit or dress! This floral denim playsuit is from Miss Selfridge, £40.

2Crazy Shirt – Last season we saw the wild shirts creep in but this year it really is a must have. Once you put on a crazy shirt you feel like you’ve gone back an era and really are supporting the hippy look. There is a variety of fashion stores and sites with some outrageous shirts to purchase. Like a bit of colour? This shirt is £28 from Topman.

3. Printed Scarf – Peppermint’s next suggested item is quite simply a scarf. Even though this item sounds relatively boring, it really is that ‘handy’ item. You can quite simply wear it as a scarf to keep you warm or as a fashion accessory. However, in our eyes a scarf can be much, much more. It can be used as a blanket, towel, belt, pillow or bandage (if your one of those accident prone types).

4. Classic Wellies – Going to a festival without your pair of wellies is like going to church without your bible. You just wouldn’t do it. Just because you’re wearing wellies doesn’t make you any less stylish, infact within the festival world your wellies can stylize your outfit. Hunter Wellies are never going to go out of fashion in the festival world, but if your looking for some more flamboyant wellies or more within a £20 budget , there is now a huge range of wellies on the high street. We event suggest checking out your local supermarkets, these floral wellies are from Asda, for the bargain price of £9!

5. Bum bag/ Ruck Sack – Keeping your personal belongings at a festival can deem a challenging task but it’s an essential one. How are you going to look after your latest Iphone, money, ID and credit cards – the worst thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere? So we suggest bringing along with you either the ravers classic, a bum bag or a petite rucksack to store your belongings in. You don’t want to get to the festival bars to get yourself a cider to find out you’ve lost all your money. This American Apparel Bum Bag is from Asos for £18.

6. Head Band/ Head Dresses – Head bands and head dresses allows you to wear the simplest outfit but adds that sparkle; turning you into Miss Festival. You can be prepared and bring one with you, even primark have stocked the classic flower head band, most high street fashion stores like New Look, River Island, Topshop will have a headband/ head dress to suit you. Failing that most festivals have little market stalls/ festival shops where you can buy an original one. For more ideas on head bands, let ASOS help you!

7. Watch – A watch is a ‘must bring’ item, if you want to catch your favourite bands then you’re going to have to keep track of the time – as no doubt your mobile phone battery is going to die! You can either keep it swanky and stylish with an old school Casio, or if you are the kind of person to be rolling around in the mud, jumping in lakes then a cheap but quirky waterproof option is your best bet. You can pick up a bright coloured silicon waterproof watched for a £9.99!

8. Sunglasses – This item is also another festival ‘must have’, because not only are they an awesome fashion accessory, what better way to polish your funky festival outfit off with than a great pair of sunglasses, but they also protect your eyes from damaging UV rays from the harsh summer sunshine. Everyone’s fashion tastes are different but the most obvious style to wear for your typical musical festival are the classic retro style sunglasses. The ‘wayfarer’ style has been going strong and has been worn by festival goers for half a century. You can stay classic and go for black or tortoise shells frames, or embrace a bold colour; Ray-Ban offers a colourful range, choose from  reds, yellows, pink, orange or purple. Check out these special series of Patch work Wayfarer Ray-Bans, these will set you back a bit though. If the retro look is not for you why not go funky with a pair or heart shaped sunglasses? Or look cool as a cucumber with a pair or aviators, or go for an oversize / Bug-eyed styled sunglasses. The possibilities are endless.

9. A hat can be THE fashion accessory at any event, but at a festival it can really make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a ‘snap cap’ (trucker hat) wicker or bowler kind of person. Bring your favourite hat along for some festival fun. Presuming that there might be some sun this summer, wearing a hat will also avoid you coming back home with a red face. If your a fan of a wicker hat, check out Urban Access for a huge range.

10. Glitter/ UV Paint – This fashion item is not quite a piece of clothing or accessory but it really is essential if you want to blend in with the rest of the festival goers. Glittering yourself up to the max and covering yourself in UV paint allows you to lose you inhibitions and create a new persona for the night. You can grab glitter and UV paint from a local craft shop, fancy dress shop or online.

If you have any other festival fashion tips to share with us comment below, if you enjoyed this article you might want to check out our previous article on festival fashion. Bring on the summer of funky festival fashion!

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