Top 10 Reasons for Going to a Music Festival

Everybody has been to a music festival at least once in their life. You haven’t?! We’ll give you at least 10 good reasons to try!

1. Music. If you are a music fan, and your favorite artist is playing at a festival, there is no best way to see him live! Generally music festivals give you good value for money – a single concert of a really good DJ or some famous pop/rock band would cost you around 40 pounds… for this amount a day you can see at least four performances in a row (if you can run from one stage to another, even more!), several days of fun and a camping site included in the price. Plus, it is a really good way to discover new artists/genres that you might like: a lot of emergent artists and bands play for their first time at minor stages at festivals. In ten years time you will say “I was there!” showing pictures of that special moment.

2. Memorable moments. Normally you would go to a music festival with a group of friends and you can be sure you will have an amazing time. Is not just about sharing the experience of your favourite DJ’s live set: is the road trip, setting up yourtent, sleeping under the stars, playing the guitar before you go to bed, get up together to the sound of music, drinking under the sun… in other words, enjoying life! If you will ever have to list the top 10 best moments shared with a friend, for sure one of these will be the festival you went together to!

3. Socialising. Yes it is true, I have just told you that you will share amazing moments with your best friends of a lifetime.. but this doesn’t mean you cannot make new ones! Your tent’s neighbors, the guy playing the guitar on the other side of the camping area, the girl next to you during the last concert of the day, the guy lining up with you at the bar… everybody is there to enjoy their time and have fun, everybody is happy and positive: it is so easy to start talking to people and make new friends. That’s the festival atmosphere!

4. Try out fancy outfits. People see the festival as a moment of escape and liberation, a place where you can be completely who you want to be and you are free to express yourself.. what best way to do it with your outfit? Fashion blogs and magazines are full of tips and new trends, pinterest has boards completely dedicated to festivals looks and you can even create your special outfit online on dedicated websites. Some festivals even have a theme: it’s like going to a huge fancy dress party! If you just want to be fashionable and don’t want to miss out on 2013 festival must haves, check out our article.

5. You can wear special make up and people won’t think you are crazy. If you are at a festival, you are there to have fun, meet people and be yourself. A bit like dressing up, even face paint is part of the festival atmosphere. The best part: people won’t look at you like you are a weirdo! If you want to make sure you have the best make up, follow our tips!

6. Camping. You are not a camping person, you don’t enjoy nature, you are afraid of insects and don’t like to sleep on the ground? Camping at a festival is still something you have to try in your life!  The best part is that  you can “enjoy” the camping experience surrounded by thousands of people (all the scary animals that normally come out at night will definitely stay away from the camping area of a festival) and usually you do not camp for more than 4/5 days, so it is still shorter than an actual camping holyday. Still not sure? More and more festivals are offering luxurious camping alterantives that will let you enjoy the festival crowds during the day, and a safe, quiet, relaxed atmosphere when you want to sleep.

7. Enjoy the weather. The sun is up in the sky, there is no clouds, the summer breeze is blowing through your hair… the best way to soak up this moment is listening to some good music, drinking a beer and relaxing. Wait… we know, it’s England, summer over here is not always as graceful as described above. But don’t worry! The great thing about festivals is that you can enjoy your time even if it’s raining. You just have to put your wellies on, keep your rain jacket ready and never mind the mud!

8. Drinking.  You have the sun, you have good music, you have your friends: the picture is not complete without a good drink. You can enjoy your cider, the typical pimm’s or even craft beers and real ales! The best part is that nobody has to worry about driving home – everybody is safe. Be sure you  don’t go too far though: read our tips on how much you drink at a festival and drink responsibly!

9. Spotting a celebrity. Are you a celebrity freak, and would line up at albums premieres or movies launching just to have an autograph? A music festival is the place for you! The best part is that you don’t have to queue, or wait in a crowd with other people just to catch a glimpse of your favourite artist– you might happen just to bump into celebrities while wandering around the festival site.

10. It’s fun! There is no other words to describe it: the music, your friends, drinking, dressing up, being outside, meeting people, flirting, being on holydays, tanning, laughing, enjoying life!

Are you ready now? Then just pick your favourite festival, pack and go! Check out our top tips to make sure you don’t forget anything!  

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