Top tips for getting served at the bar

Every bar is different and you usually act differently according to each bar. How you present yourself at a nightclub in Mayfair may be different to how you present yourself and act in your local pub or event. However, how you approach the bar staff should be fairly similar – if you want to be served quickly at a bar then you should carry out certain protocols. We have all been there before, you approach a bar to get a drink and it becomes more challenging than you first expect with crowds of people pushing and shoving.

Getting served at festival bars can sometimes be a more daunting task, with thousands of people wanting to do the same thing as you; get served quickly and get back to enjoying the rest of the festival. The Ideal scenario would be if you were able to get straight to the bar, order your drinks and be on your way in a matter of minutes – however, this is not always the case.

Most bar staff tend to be as fair as they can be when serving punters; they usually follow the ‘first come first served’ policy.  However, when the bar is busy, the customers can certainly help the bar staff out when they are caught up in a busy spur, whether it is simply just to be patient and wait your turn or follow some simple steps which not only will ease the stress for the bartenders but may influence the likelihood of you being served quicker at a bar.

Peppermint Bars and Events are here to offer some top tips…

Firstly and most importantly – Don’t shout at the bartenders!

Everyone understands how frustrating it can be waiting in line for anything. And waiting to be served at a bar is no different; however it’s not the bartender’s fault that it’s got so busy, they are just there to do their job. So our top tip is to keep calm and don’t shout. Being rude and shouting for their attention merely repels them from serving you – no one wants to serve an angry person.

Don’t wave your money or hands at them

As much as you want to get the bartenders attention, Peppermint must assure you against this method – quite frankly it doesn’t work. We have a much better tip for you…

Smile 🙂

It’s the little things which make a big difference. A smile always helps as bar servers will be more willing to serve that friendly, smiley chap rather than someone who is shouting and waving money in their face for attention. Bartenders are not boring people, when they are busy they won’t have time for a conversation but a little bit of friendly banter will engage them and make them more likely to remember you next time.

Remember what your mother told you…

Treat others as you want to be treated

If you treat the bar staff well then the bar staff are more than likely to treat you well.  Peppermint Bars and events like to think of this as the golden rule. A little bit of politeness and courtesy goes a long way. This will no doubt grab the bartenders attention but in a good way. Remember they may have just dealt with a rude customer so if you come along with this friendly attitude it will no doubt entice them to serve you promptly!

Be nice but not too nice – no cheesy chat up lines

It’s good to engage with the bar staff on a friendly level but if you’re trying to chat up the good looking bar server just to get served quicker and you do this with a cheesy chat up line, it’s not going to do you any favours unfortunately. They probably have heard them a thousand times. Similarly try and not to use words such as ‘babe’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘honey’ when referring to the bar staff, if you want to call them anything just ask them for their name. Most bar staff even prefer it when the customers address them by their name.

Have your money ready

If you have your drink order and your money ready this will help the bar staff be quick and efficient. As stated previously, don’t go yelling your order at the bar staff and waving your money in their faces but they may certainly ask for customers who  have got their money ready to come up to the bar first. One of the most frustrating things when working on a busy bar is waiting for the customer to decide on what drink they want and then to be searching in their pockets for their money. Top tip – Be prepared!

Also – if you are paying by card make sure that the bar you are queuing in has a card reader. There’s nothing worse than queuing up for drinks for 20 minutes to then find that you can’t actually pay at this bar and then you await another long queue for drinks at a different bar. Also be aware that some bars have a minimum spend when you pay by card, so don’t spend another 10 minutes at the bar deciding how to get it over £10, have it in the back of your mind.

Last but not least…

Tips glorious Tips

Remember that the bar staff are there to make money. So if at the end of their service you give them a tip they will not only be grateful but will be more likely to remember you and want to serve you next time. Even if you don’t leave a tip don’t forget to say thank you!

If you have any other top tips share this with us by commenting below…


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