Two Cocktails you should master in the run up to Christmas

It’s nearly that time of year again: the season of mulled cider and wine, heart-warming ales, and an indulgence in finer spirits. So why not take those lovely spirits and master these two wonderful cocktail concoctions; characterised by an extra hug of warmth and strong flavour, you can’t have Christmas without them.

1, Strong, sweet and syrupy Triple Rum

Strong, matured flavours create the perfect sipping cocktail. Striking a stark balance between warmth, rummy sweetness and a punch of orange character, the Triple Rum is, albeit simply named, an expertly delicious cocktail.

You will need (Makes 10):

Pitcher (1L)
Tumbler glass
Scoop of ice (for marinating & stirring)
Mount Gay gold rum, 200ml
Sailor Jerry spiced rum, 200ml
Havana club 3 year old white rum, 200ml
Brothers’ Grapefruit and Rhubarb bitters, 6 drops
Sugar syrup, 100ml (20 tsp)
Whole orange

Create this tantalising blend:

Pour the three rums – gold, spiced and white – into a litre pitcher. Add in the sugar syrup and bitters, then stir lightly. Add the orange peel of a whole orange and stir lightly again before topping with ice.

Leave to marinate in the fridge. Overnight will do, but the ideal length of time is one week. Upon serving, strain from pitcher into a tumbler glass.

Bursting with warmth and strength, this is yummy but should be enjoyed responsibly!


2, Chocolaty and warming Velvet Monkey

Thick, irresistible malt whiskey with seductive chocolate notes and delicate spicy complexity, sweet sugar syrup and boastful bitters, this is the perfect gentleman’s cocktail. Simply made and easily enjoyed. Also known as the ‘Old Fashioned’.

You will need (Makes 1):

Mixer glass
Martini glass (or tumbler if you prefer)
Monkey Shoulder whiskey, 60ml
Scoop of ice cubes (for stirring)
Angostura Bitters, 2 drops
Sugar syrup (homemade or Grenadine will do), 2 tsp
Orange peel

Craft the gentleman’s cocktail:

In a mixer glass, pour 60ml of Monkey Shoulder malt whiskey, two teaspoons of sugar syrup and two drops of bitters. Fill with ice. Stir the cocktail carefully for a few minutes and let the mix chill. Leave to rest for one minute.

Strain into a martini glass and garnish with orange peel. If you prefer a tumbler glass, this works just as well but may warm up more quickly.

Making your own sugar syrup:

In a medium-heated saucepan, add water and caster sugar (exactly to the ratio of 1:1, so 50ml water would require 50g caster sugar). Carefully bring to the boil, stirring constantly. When all the sugar is dissolved, leave to cool.

Simple, but absolutely gorgeous. Got a cocktail you like? Share it with us and enjoy!

Written By: Ben Franks

Edited By: Laura Thompson

Photos By: Niamh Harkett

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