What is the best location for a music event?

It could be argued that the whereabouts of a music event is not important. Fans go to these events to experience and listen to good music rather than worry about how nice the location is. But then again surely a rain-free festival, an arena with fantastic views of the stage and act that performs with props, special guests and brilliant lighting , is much more entertaining than an act just belting out song after song?

Located in Spain, Festival International Benicassim (FIB) allows you to enjoy a festival and a holiday in one go. Situated by the coast, festival goers can chill on the beach by day and party with their favourite acts by night. There’s one thing that’s guaranteed as well – it won’t rain. In fact it will be completely the opposite, there’s no hiding from the sun until it sets and sometimes it can get all too much. It all depends on being able to handle the heat, it saps your energy and so it’s important to stay hydrated. After 8am, sleeping in a tent becomes unbearable and when you’ve been celebrating till the early hours, getting cooked alive in your tent, isn’t a nice way to wake up.

On the plus side, cold showers are available 24/7 and with the sea at your doorstep, it’s easier to stay cleaner than you what you would at other festivals.

For those who don’t like festivals, each year, the former railway engine shed, Roundhouse plays host to the famous iTunes Festival as well as other events all year round and has previously been known to host the BBC Electric Proms. The building situated in North London, has now been converted into a performing arts and concert venue and is the perfect location for music events. The history of the building gives it character as well as its admirable architecture adding to a unique venue.

A good old festival in a field amongst endless green landscapes is increasingly more popular every year. There’s something about being unconventional for a weekend that is exciting and enjoyable. Being in the great outdoors allows festival goers to become so consumed in the music around them that they forget the stresses of everyday life and are able to relax, it’s like you’re on another planet. The location has great appeal to those wanting a break, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of mud and the fresh air does everyone good.

With tours and music events all year round, each city has its own arena – as opposed to bars and smaller music venues which offer intimate music experiences, arenas cater for huge audiences which creates a brilliant and overwhelming atmosphere for those who attend. The only problem is, with such large a scale, it is sometimes hard to get a good view of the act projected on screen.

It all comes down to personal taste, is the simplicity of a beautiful voice and wonderfully composed lyrics all that matters or is a show-stopping experience and performance what it’s all about?

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