What Makes A Good Festival?

Every festival has its own unique twist, whether it’s the music, venue or atmosphere. Ultimately, if a festival has spectacular line-up it’s bound to sell the most tickets. However, no matter how amazing the headliners are, if they don’t put on a show and create an atmosphere that leaves you speechless is it all really worth it? Atmosphere versus headliners, which is more important?

Year after year, festival organisations battle with competitors by paying thousands of pounds to get the bands they want, to ensure tickets will sell. With new festivals surfacing every year, it is important that they maintain a high-level of good quality music in order to keep festival goers coming back every summer. If a once in a life time chance to see a band you love is an option, it is unlikely that you will turn the chance down.

Glastonbury Festival has been running since 1970 and is renowned for being the mother all festivals with its originality and diversity. Despite the headliners at Glastonbury usually being cracking, the majority of those attending the festival go purely for the atmosphere and the line-up is just a bonus.  The festival is known to attract all kinds of ages and is more laid back and family orientated than others. Not only does it showcase music but arts and crafts, with different kinds of event bars dotted about the festival.

Niche festivals pride themselves in the originality they create; they generate a more intimate and less commercial atmosphere. Small, independent festivals such as Kendal Calling and Hop Farm Festival concentrates on the art it showcases rather than relying on big names to headline.

Eminem to headline Reading and Leeds Festival 2013

Creamfields and Leeds/Reading Festival have a much different audience, catering mostly for 16-20 year-olds. It’s all about having the best music and for first time festival goers; this is all they want and all they need. Night time events such as headphone discos and DJ booths allow the young audience to celebrate music all night and this builds a vibrant atmosphere.

A festival without music or a buzzing atmosphere would be nothing; they both complement each other and are a vital experience for any festival goer. It’s down to you to forget your troubles, relax and craft an atmosphere you love!

But what do you think makes a good festival?

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  • Nico D says:

    I think its about the whole package, rather than one or the other. If you are paying good money for a ticket you expect good acts as well. I personally just want a festival with a good vibe, but my mates would expect to see headliners…..

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