What to Eat at a Music Festival

So you’ve bought your festival ticket, you’ve packed your survival kit and pitched your tent in the best spot and by this time you’ve worked up a hunger. But when everyone’s having fun it’s easy to save valuable band watching time by settling for some soggy chips instead of finding a decent meal.

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Studies have found that the average festival-goer spends a whopping £1,600 on festivals during the season including the pricey tickets and all the gear needed to live in the great outdoors for one weekend of partying. So after all the expense you want to make sure you get the most out of it. There’s no need to get food poisoning from a dodgy kebab. All you need is delicious and nutrient-rich foods that keep you going for a long time, cures your ungodly hangover and cleanses your gut too. It can also be a great opportunity to try new foods, with festivals putting more of an emphasis on food these days you’ll be spoilt for choice. So take a look at Peppermints tips to making the right choices.

You’re going to need a breakfast made for champions if you’re going to get through the long day of partying ahead. Let’s face it, you need to eat whatever will cure your hangover so if you fancy something sweet then opt for an American style breaky of waffles and pancakes or if you need something a bit stodgier to soak up the alcohol a bacon and egg butty will do the job. Try to have a yoghurt to finish to help with digestion.

All that dancing, jumping around and err… fist pumping will work up a hunger so load up on a carb heavy late lunch at about 3pm to keep you going through the best bands in the evening. Take yourself to sunny Spain (even if the sun isn’t out here in the UK) by opting for a chicken Paella. This rice based dish is perfect for a big carb hit which will keep your stomach from grumbling for hours. It also contains saffron which can be used to reduce headaches, in case you’ve slightly overdone it on the cider already.

For dinner head to an exotic meat stall for a burger with a difference – ostrich meat has 66% less fat than beef so indulge yourself in a guilt-free festival classic. Festivals are the perfect places to be adventurous with food so challenge your less open-minded friends to try some exotic meats with you.

And to drink (not alcoholic)…

Bypass the coffee stall, coffee will only dehydrate you further, instead head to fruit juice stall for a natural fruit based drink. Think citrus fruits; orange and lime will give you a much needed energy boost, pineapple will sooth a sore throat from all that singing while ginger will settle an upset tum banishing all symptoms of your hangover. What more could you ask for from a drink? Read More on what to drink here.

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