What type of music has the most festivals?

Hype for the main contending festivals is everywhere. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing advertisement, beckoning you to buy tickets to go to the ‘best’ festival with the ‘best’ acts this summer.

Recently, original rock festivals have branched out with their selection of acts, creating many more mainstream and popular festivals than ever before.

But what if pop and rock music isn’t your thing? Creamfields Festival caters to the dance genre, with acts such as David Guetta and The Prodigy set to headline this year but what if you want to avoid big crowds and fancy somewhere a little cheaper? How many festivals cater for blues or classical music?

Feeling a little jazzy? What about Southport Jazz Festival? Love Supreme Jazz festival? Or fancy going back to 80s for the weekend? How about the Retro Trax Festival, an ‘old skool’ dance festival with dance classics from back in the day?

This year the family friendly 80’s festival, Let’s Rock the Moor located in Berkshire has sold out with a great demand for tickets.  The festival will host names such as Bananarama and Five Star but will also have children’s events and has in previous years boasted the best children entertainers from ITV and the BBC.

For all the heavy rockers out there, Download Festival is the place to go. The festival promises to maintain the rock atmosphere that most of today’s festivals lack and with headliners such as Iron Maiden and Slipknot, the festival guarantees not to disappoint.

Did you know there is a tribute festival called Galstonbudget? If you couldn’t afford to pay for a ticket to Glastonbury or any other mainstream festival then Glastonbudget is the next best thing with all the best tribute bands. This year the biggest tribute festival in the whole of Europe will host headliners such as the Antartic Monkeys, Green Date, Oasish and many more tribute bands.

So why not try something different this year? If you’re looking for festival that’s both new and exciting, it’s amazing what you can find when you explore the less commercial festivals. Niche festivals have the potential to be something you’ll never forget, an experience that you’re glad you discovered.

What’s your favourite festival?


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