Who will headline Glastonbury 2015?

With each new year our thoughts turn to the summer festivals to come. For many in the UK and beyond that will include a visit to the world-beating Glastonbury.
Such is the draw of this iconic event that tickets regularly sell out well before any acts are announced, and all 150,000 for this year’s event on 24 – 28 June were sold in record time. For some, it’s because headliners are not their focus – they’ll have a great weekend whether they ever make it to the Pyramid Stage or not. For others, a ticket purchase is a reasonably safe bet, because we know from experience we can trust the Eavises to put on the best show possible.
This does, however, lead to speculation, and we thought we’d enter into the spirit of excited anticipation with a look at the most likely candidates for that Saturday night headline slot, in order of likelihood according to the latest odds from PaddyPower.

Foo Fighters
Barely worth a flutter anymore, Dave Grohl’s popular rockers will currently get you odds of just 5 to 4. After Metallica’s 2014 triumph, we know the Glasto crowd is up for rocking out, and the Foos haven’t graced the festival since 1998.
New album Sonic Highways and its fascinating companion TV documentary series have kept them in the public eye, and their planned European tour puts them on the right side of the Atlantic in late June. Furthermore, Grohl told the NME in November “if they need a band, we’re pretty good. They should give us a call. ” In response, Emily Eavis said: “We’d love to have the Foo Fighters back at Glastonbury.” It ‘s probably a done deal by now.

Rumours started at last year’s Glasto 2014 press conference on the Sunday, when Michael Eavis suggested 2015’s three headliners were booked, going on to mention a deal “done on the platform watching Metallica”. He went on to hint the band in question were “not British anymore”.
Separate reports place Eavis next to Peter Mensch, who manages both Metallica and AC/DC, as he watched Metallica. Malcolm and Angus Young were born in Scotland and emigrated to Australia as children. They have announced tour dates in Germany on the 25, and Scotland on 28 June, which would leave them free for either Friday or Saturday…
Brian Johnson and Angus Young playfully told 6music in December they might consider the booking. After saying he thought Glastonbury was “wellies and corporate”, Young went on to admit “If they ask… OK”, before Johnson asked: “How do you spell Glastonbury? I’ll just write that down…”

Florence & The Machine
Set to return this year with a new album, their first since 2011’s Ceremonials, the band who lit up the Other Stage in 2010 have already announced a mini tour of European festivals for the summer, including Belgium’s Rock Werchter, which happens on the same weekend as Glastonbury. Like the Foo Fighters, they’re programmed for the Thursday, leaving them plenty of time to get to Pilton for either Friday or Saturday…

The only confirmations so far are Lionel Richie, who will play the Sunday ‘heritage’ slot, and a daytime appearance by the Dalai Lama. The festival’s website says it plans to make further announcements ‘in the spring’.

Who are you hoping to see this year?

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