Why are artists playing more live events compared to 10 years ago?

Going back 10 years, if you had managed to see your idol perform live then you were a very lucky person. Whether this be your favourite band or singer, world tours to promote new albums or songs were rare, expensive and nowhere near as popular as they are today.

Here we are in the year 2013, living in one of the most highly technological countries in the world, where we can download the newest music from the biggest artists within seconds at the click of button. Music is so easily accessed and is listened to with high quality devices that give the perfect translation of a song or album. So why are live music events more popular today than ever before?

The past decade has especially seen the rise of many different music festivals. All over Britain, music festival tickets have never before been in such demand, with some festivals selling out within the hour. Festivals have become much bigger and more commercialised which is seen to attract huge diverse names with the likes of Beyonce, the Rolling Stones and Eminem headlining major festivals.

For some artists, playing at a certain festival is just as much as a privilege to them as it is for the festival hosting the act. Many people go to festivals for the experience as well as the music which makes it a brilliant opportunity for musical acts to showcase their music to a different audience. Alongside this, the experience the act gets must be pretty phenomenal; headlining a festival has got to be one of the highlights of their career, whilst standing in front of thousands of people they get to experience the unbelievable feeling of finally making it.

All artists tour to promote new songs and albums. With gigs and shows up and down the country and all over the world, there is usually a location near to fans wherever they are at an affordable price.

There’s something about the live experience that music speakers and technology just can’t beat. It’s easy to take for granted the things we have access to now that we didn’t have a decade ago but even so being at a live event and seeing it with your own eyes is the best way to enjoy music.

So forget the technology, it’s all about being there in the flesh, seeing it live as it happens and hearing it fresh with your own ears. Live music is like a drug, you experienc

e it once and forever want more.

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